Student can access personal and career counselling at Vermilion Outreach School. There is a Family-School Liaison Worker at the school as well as a Mental Health Professional.  Students can also request services through Family School Liaison counsellor and support through Alberta Health and Addiciton services within the school setting.

Informed Consent – Counseling Service Vermilion Outreach School                   

What You Should Know About Our Services

By agreeing to talk, we want you to understand that we will not release any information about you without your consent. If, at any time, you feel uncomfortable with the meeting let us know. You may refuse counselling services at anytime. You know YOU best and you are responsible for your own decisions.

There are times I will have to share information, however:

1. If you have been or are being neglected or abused, we must inform Child and Family Services.

2. If you are thinking of harming yourself or someone else, we must inform someone in authority.

3. If I suspect that you are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs in school, school rules have to be considered.

4. Our files are kept confidential, but they can be subpoenaed to court.

5. We may consult with another professional about how to help you, but I would share only necessary information.

6. We must keep records, but if you change schools your files are not sent to your new school. If you wish, your file information can be sent to that school’s counsellor or that division’s clinician.