Vermilion Outreach follows the Comprehensive School Health model. We offer the full range of core high school courses at all levels including Knowledge and Employability. All our students complete an "Induction" program that involves career planning modules and learning strategies. Beyond just providing academic programming we offer a large variety of programs to help students find success. Some of our programs are:

  • Asset building once a week with community presentators and motivational activities
  • Breakfast program each day 
  • Art program 
  • Physical Education program using a variety of activities such as archery, bowling, weight room, and access the provincial park.
  • Work experience program 
  • Knowledge and Employability curriculum 
  • Advanced career counselling utilizing the Strong Interest Inventory
  • Personal counselling and guidance available through trained staff
  • Community networking on behalf of the student with partnerships with Alberta Health Services Addictions counsellors, connections to health practioners and other community professionals.

Off campus Programming

Work Experience - gain credits toward high school gratudation by working. Check with school staff on how to sign up.

In partnership with Lakeland College students can take courses in different trades and occupations. These courses may be delivered online or onsite.

  • carpentry
  • mechanics
  • welding
  • interior design
  • aesthetics
  • drama programs 
  • Introduction to Heavy Oil and Gas
  • Introduction to Early Learning and Childhood Development
  • Introduction to Environmental Sustainability


GED Testing Service Coming Soon